RoamLab: Build a Community Laboratory

What is RoamLab?

It's more important than ever to build a learning community

RoamLab is an open-source framework for organizing an online community lab with an emphasis on your community.

RoamLab provides a framework to help you rapidly build a community focused on learning and building.

It can help you start your community by mapping out what tools to use, how to organize your community, and how to govern it.

As this project continues, you can expect additional guides, tools to help you bootstrap your community, and more to be available here. In the meantime, learn more about RoamLab below.

What Drives RoamLab?

You and your community do, together. RoamLab is based on four principles: Independence, Collaboration, Trust, and Curiosity.


Community members are encouraged to work on what they they want and how they want, within the meta-framework of the community, and can move freely among projects.


We believe that independence and collaboration go hand-in-hand. Community members should be encouraged to collaborate and contribute to each other's projects.


Projects are ownerless. Even though someone may begin and direct a project if coordination is needed, they are equally free to abandon the project if they wish. The remains of the project are up for grabs by other members who may continue it. Doing this requires community-wide trust.


If the first three principles govern how the community works, this one governs why. A community lab should be made up of curious, driven people who want to learn and build new things.

Read the Whitepaper

Coming soon! Get the whitepaper to dive deep into RoamLab so that you can start your own community laboratory.

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Metaframework Guides

Extensions to the RoamLab framework that provide guidelines and organizational principles tailored to your community's needs.

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What is RoamLab?

RoamLab is a framework for knowledge communities with Roam as the central hub. It aims to help communities settle on organization and practices so that they can focus on their work.

What is Roam?

Roam is a note-taking tool with a network-first philosophy, making connecting disparate concepts incredibly simple. Read the Roam whitepaper.

What is a Community Lab?

A community lab is a space where groups of like-minded people come to work on their research interests individually or in groups. RoamLab hopes to bring this kind of community to the Internet.

How do I implement RoamLab for my community?

The whitepaper will serve as the defining document for RoamLab, and will have all of the information needed to create your own RoamLab. Soon, tools will also become available.

What is a meta-framework?

A meta-framework is an additional guide that suggests best practices and organization structures for a specific style of community lab. These are like extensions to the main RoamLab framework.